Cesky Terrier
Breeders Club


Dog – bitch insertion:

– breed of Cesky terrier is in Cesky Terrier Breeders Club (in the following “Club”) registered

– owner of stud bitch must be Club member. If someone wants to breed in a Club like nonmember, there are defineded ahead fees:

– insertion of a dog (bitch) into a breed (after satisfying conditions for insertion): 500 Kc

– for administration connected with breed and its registration: 500 Kc

– dog or bitch can be inserted to a breed after bonitation completing

– dog/bitch can be used for breeeding after age of 15 months

– age limit for using dog for breeding is not set, but dog’s owner guarantees that dog is in a good form and able to reproduce

– bitch can be used for breeding at day of its 8th birthday last time. Exception for this condition can be if its use for breeding is not affecting health of bitch and if it was expertly ivestigated by a vet one month before expected insemination and recommended for breeding. You can take advantage of this exception till end of calendar year, when bitch reached age of 8.

– bitches inseminated by one dog are not limited

– quantity of puppies in one brood is not limited

– dog and bitch can be used for breeding after their registration at breed advisor

– tattoo or chip puppies is allowed in age of 6 weeks. If this condition is not satisfied, puppies won’t have their pedigree card consigned


– evulation is being held minimally twice a year

– individual evulation can be held when request is sent 1 month before. In case of that owner of evulated dog pays all the evulation expenses (travelling expenses of evulation comission, referee fee etc.) and fee for insertion into breed

– evulation comission has to have 3 members in constitution: 2 members of club breeders comission + referee with Cesky Terrier approval. If breed advisor is present, he is chairman od evulation comission, if he is not present, he will appoint replacement.

– it is made record by filling evulation card (signed by all members of evulation comission and by owner of evulated dog/bitch) from every evulation. Copy of evulation card will get owner of a dog.

– in serious and reasonable cases can evulation comission delay examination

– dog’s/bitch’s minimal age for evulation is 12 months, it should be in show form

In controversial cases can be sent repeal to club board. Repeal has delayable result. Board statement is final and it can’t be solved again.

Suspending defects:

From breeding are suspended dogs, that have suspending defect:

– kryptorchism (dogs have to have two normally evolved testicles, descended in scrotum)

– entropium, ektropium

– undershot or overshot

– more than 3 teeth missing (missing of 2x M3 a 1x P allowed)

– 1 or more incisive teeth missing

– underbitten prong (top of bottom prong is heading upright to upper palate)

– chest perimeter larger than 50 cms

– irregular, jerky, crampy movement (scottish cramp)

– twisted or above back carried tail

– very coarse, crepy, felt-like hair

– more than 20% of white colour, white blaze on a head

– dogs older than 3 yrs. with brindled long hair

– timidity, hysteria, aggressiveness

Request for stud card:

Formulary, needed for bitch insemination and for breed registration are included in bulletin or owner of bitch can ask for it at breed advisor. Stud dog is chosen by bitch’s owner or breed advisor can be asked for recommendation. List of stud dogs is included in bulletin and on club websites.

After insemination, after birth:

Owner of a dog and owner of a bitch fill both stud cards, their adresses and sing. Stud card no.1 stays to owner of a dog, stud card no.2 stays to owner of a bitch. If puppies born, breeder will fill bottom part of formulary no.2 – application of breed and will send whole formulary to breed advisor (Martina Urbanova, Borislav 29, 415 01 Teplice) in 3 weeks. Advisor will ensure assigning of tattoo numbers for puppies and will send indent with numbers to an owner. Breeder will get puppies tattooed and will return confirmed indent to breed advisor. After confirmation that puppies were tattoed you can get pedigree card. Puppies must be at least 42 days old to get tattoo !!!

Breed applicaton filling:

Pup’s names must begin the same letter, which must be the one in alphabet, what breed is it in each breed station. (First breed – A, second breed – B etc.). Puppies names are sorted in alphabetical order. Name can be maximally 14 symbols long. First are written all dogs, than bitches. Breeder is person, who has registered protected name of breeding station. Name of station is written in form, in what it is protected and is written on registration card of breeding stations. Kinds of hair are: long silk, colour: grey or grey with indicia (yellow or white). Colour tone or indicia range dont have to be written. Insert of breed aplication should be copy of parents’ show successes, if they got some show tittles in past and breeder want to have this written down in pup’s pedigree.

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