19-05-2021 New litters were completed

30-01-2021 New studdog Caligula Kalifa Bohemica will be completed


Dear friends, club members and fans of Cesky terrier. Unfortunately, it is my sad duty to inform you, that the Days of Cesky terier will not take place in 2021. The COVID 19 situation is still not clear. It is not possible to predict how the situation will develop and whether it would be possible to hold social events. Also the participation of our foreign friends is at least uncertain and such event must be organized some time in advance. We believe, that the situation will improve and we will meet you at shows and the Days of Cesky terrier will be held again.


Caligula Kalifa Bohemica

4-01-202 New broodbitches Annie České nebe, Baby Simita Bohemica, Bohdana Pupulu, Bosorka Pupulu, Bylinka Hamentashen, Corina Kalifa Bohemica a Giana Vankat Hilwere completed

Based on owner request was deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches Aura Ilexine

17-09-2020 Showresults were completed

9-09-2020 New litter and Showresults of Club show Louny were completed

2-06-2020 New litters were completed


Z důvodu nejasné situace ohledně vývoje pandemie koronaviru rozhodl výbor Klubu chovatelů českých teriérů na svém jednání o zrušení Dnů českého teriéra 2020 včetně Klubové výstavy ČT. Rezervace ubytování řešte individuálně s hotelem.

Due to the unclear situation regarding the corona virus pandemic, the board of Cesky terier breeders Club decided to cancel the Days of Cesky Terier 2020 including the CT Club show. Please solve the acommodation reservations individually with the hotel.

Aufgrund der unklaren Situation in Bezug auf die Entwicklung der Coronavirus-Pandemie hat der Ausschuss des Tsechischen Terrier Züchter Clubs auf seiner Sitzung beschlossen, die Tsechische Terrier Tage 2020, einschließlich der Tsechische Terrier Club Show, abzusagen. Die Stornierung der Unterkunft erfolgt individuell mit dem Hotel.


12-02-2020 New litter and Showresults of DUOCACIB Brno were completed

21-12-2019 Title C.I.B. was completed by bitch Butterfly Kalifa Bohemica

04-12-2019 New litters were completed. New broodbitches - Amálie Pupulu, Cuketka Čechovo Kvítko and new studdogs - Anton Pupulu, Colombo Čechovo Kvítko

2-11-2019 Showresults from IDS Bratislva were completed

25-09-2019 Showresults were completed

18-07-2019 Showresults were completed

4-06-2019 Based on owner request was deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches Bessy Gabča Marles. And showresults were completed

29-05-2019 New litter and Showresult of MVP Nord Bohemia Canis Litomerice were completed

11-05-2019 New studdogs Jupiter Netolická obora, Svlačec Hamentashen and new broodbitches Arie Kvítko, Corina ze Seberova dvora a Janski Juliet

10-05-2019 Days of CT - Showresults were completed.

26-04-2019 Classes for Days of CT were completed.


Dear friends, let us kindly, on behalf of the KCHCT comitee, invite you to MUDr. Gabriela van Ruiten Hajnová's lecture "50 shades of ...."

about the color palette in Cesky terrier". The lecture will take place after the KCHCT member's meeting. (4.5.2019 Telč).


15-04-2019 Showresults were completed

26-03-2019 Showresults were completed

16-02-2019 Based on owners request were deleted this bitches from list of broodbitches Cesmína Karolita a Cranberry Karolita

15-02-2019 Information to Days of CT

08-02-2019 ShowresultS of DUOCACIB Brno were completed

13-01-2019 Showresult of NDS Brno was completed

27-11-2018 New litters were completed

21-11-2018 New broodbitch Alexandra Krasny den, Energie Stella Sarensis, Trezalka Hamentashen

20-11-2018 Showresult of IDS Dortmund was completed

17-10-2018 Showresult of European dog show Warsawa was completed

11-09-2018 Showresults were completed

20-07-2018 Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed Agáta Pyrop, Alba Pyrop, Bonanza Day Break a Gera Kalifa Bohemica.


Entry deadline for Club Show KCHCT Louny (9.9.2018) was changed - I. deadline 12.8.2018, II. deadline 19.8.2018, III. deadline 26.8.2018:

08-07-2018 New litters, new advertisement and Showresults were completed

26-06-2018 Showresults were completed. Show successes of Bitch Butterfly Kalifa Bohemica was completed

Dear owners and breeders of Cesky Terriers, KCHCT invites you kindly to KCHCT club show (without club winner title, which takes place on 9.9.2018 in Louny, by IV. RDS Louny Registration: DogOffice -, By post : Helena Jeníková, V Pačátkách 51/12, 196 00 Praha 9 Information:, FB: Krajská výstava psů Louny. telefon: 721054058, 603917977

06-06-2018 New studdog Nartoun Reca Elien and new broodbitches Amálka Moravian Silvarum, Saturejka Hamentashen

30-05-2018 Showresults were completed

17-05-2018 Showresults were completed

01-05-2018 Based on owners request was deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches Levandule Hamentashen

11-04-2018 Showresult of Ostrava was completed

23-04-2018 Classes for Days of CT were completed. Input sheets will be send up to end of week by email

11-04-2018 Showresult of Ostrava was completed

04-04-2018 New litter

06-02-2018 Information to Days of CT

4-02-2018 Showresults were completed

15-01-2018 Showresult of Brno was completed

3-01-2018 Show deadline 2018 was completed. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed Amalka z Odolenky, Aska z Kralovskych teras, Bernis Karolita and Dorotka Kalifa Bohemica.


We necessarily need to find an owner for 13 year old dog - Artur Sisi Blackguards. Former owner of the dog died and daughter of the former owner unfortunately cannot take care of the dog because of her health problems. The dog is in condition corresponding with his age - his movement is worse, so his placement in a house with stairs is not appropriate, he cannot hear well and his teeth are starting to fall out. Owner would like to contact interested person, she also offers financial help for taking care of the dog. More info at, or +420 728 367 933.

14-11-2017 Showresults were completed

09-11-2017 New litters

27-10-2017 Showresults were completed

11-10-2017 New broodbitch - Komidion Prelude

03-10-2017 Showresults were completed, New litters, New studdogs - Armani Simita Bohemica, Censor Šedý drak, New broodbitch Butterfly Kalifa Bohemica

09-09-2017 Showresults were completed

24-08-2017 Showresults were completed

02-08-2017 New litters, advertisement and new studdog Valentyn kalifa Bohemica

23-07-2017 Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed EXTRA NETOLICKÁ OBORA a ELITA NETOLICKÁ OBORA

18.7.2016 This bitches were deleted from list of broodbitches - Arnyka Del Monte de Haya, Chyma Kalifa Bohemica, Olivia Sisi Blackguards. And also this dog Ulbert Kalifa Bohemica. Owner of the bitch Gama del Monte de Haya was changed.

13-07-2017 New advertisement

03-07-2017 Invitation to Club show

10. 9. 2017 will be Club show of KCHCT without title CW in  LOUNY. I. deadline 6. 8. 2017, II. deadline 16. 8. 2017, III. deadline 20. 8. 2017. Proposition and Etry from is in Club Actions

01-07-2017 New advertisements

18-06-2017  Showresult - Special show Namest na Hane

11-06-2017 New litters

25-05-2017  Showresults were completed

15-05-2017  New broodbitches - Ambra Simita Bohemica, Andělka Del Monte de Haya, Bessy Gabča Marles, Bimbi Haha Czech Avi Arges, Olivia Sisi Blackguards new studdog - Xanto Kalifa Bohemica, Zak Kalifa Bohemica

27-04-2017 Days of CT 2015 - EXHIBITOR LIST

18-04-2017 New broodbitches - Norkinstein Artemida, Norkinstein Andromeda, Nartoun Reca Bekky,

New studdog - Censor Šedý drak

29-03-2017 Please note: Accommodation at Days of Cesky Terrier in the Hotel Aton in Telc is possible only by phone or email directly with the hotel staff. It cannot be booked through another booking system. You must tell the password - Days of Cesky terrier.

27-03-2017 New litter

17-03-2017 Showresults were completed

7.11.2016 New litters, New broodbitches - Antananariva Psi milacek, Nancy Sisi Blackguards, Oskeruse Hamentashen a Wanda Kalifa Bohemica, new studdog - Ahoj Psí milacek. Studdog Admirál Sisi de Domus Bohemia - new photos and showresults.

26.8.2016 New litters, new adwert.Based on owners request were deleted this dogs from list of studdogs -  Amadeus Kalifa Bohemica, Flanagan Kalifa Bohemica, Gigolo Kalifa Bohemica.

7.7.2016 Based on owners request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Anezka Tab At Takytak. Aura Ilexine - new show succes.

21.6.2016 Showresults IDS Brno, NDS Klatovy (CZ)

7.6.2016 Showresults IDS Litomerice (CZ)

18.5.2016 Showresults IDS Prague (CZ)

10.5.2016 Showresult Club show KCHCT Telc (CZ)

New composition - Committee, Breeding commissions, Chescking commissions 

2.5.2016 New broodbitches - Gama del Monte de Haya, Regina Kalifa Bohemica, Tamara Kalifa Bohemica.

28.4.2016 Showresult Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

24.4.2016 New studdogs - Regent Kalifa Bohemica, Teodor Kalifa Bohemica, Ulbert Kalifa Bohemica.

 14.4.2016 Showresults Ostrava and Nitra

23.3.2016 Cruft's dog show

27.2.2016 DAYS OF CT - Programme and Registration



Dear friends, we were forced to change the location where the Days of CT take place. Current operator of the Hrdoňov areal was not willing to fullfil the conditions negotiated one year ago. The committee of the Club found an appropriate hotel in the city of Telč. The hotel is suitable for our meeting. I might not be situated in the middle of the nature, but in front of the hotel there is a beautiful chateau park. 

You can book your accommodation by yourselves using the phrase "ceskyterrier". If you need any help with reserving the accommodation, ask Ms. Juřicová. 

Further information regarding the accommodation and the Days of CT will be posted soon.

Hotel Antoň s.r.o.
Slavatovská 92, 588 56 Telč
DIČ: CZ25316656 
Office - tel./fax: +420 567 243 862 
Reception - tel.: +420 774 026 200

GPS: 49°11'12.16“N, 15°26'53.81“E

Web :

e-mail :


10.2.2016 New litters, IDS DUOCACIB Brno (CZ)

16.1.2016 New litters, NDS Brno (CZ)

28.12.2015 New litters.

11.10.2015 Showresults Bratislava (SK), Prague (CZ), studdog Hannibal Kalifa Bohemica - new photo, new studdog - Garex Gijs.

11.10.2015 New adwert. new litters.  AURA Ilexine - new working exam - BH, studdog CENT Karolita - new photo, new working exam. Showresults - Brno, Litomerice, Ceske Budejovice.

17.9.2015 New adwert. new litters.

15.8.2015 Showresult - Interdog Bohemia

25.8.2015 New adwert.

15.8.2015 New adwert. Based on owners request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Gerry of the Porkwood Heat.

24.7.2015  New litters. New broodbitches - Angelina od Cekaráčka, Aura Ilexine, Charita Netolická obora, new studdogs - Alberto od Cekaracka, Cassidy Od Irish Angel.

1.7.2015  New litter. INTERCANIS Brno, Special show KCHCT Klatovy, NDS Klatovy, IDS Krakow, IDS Nitra. Studdog Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica - new photo. Based on owners request were deleted this bitches from list of Brood bitches - Fujara Kalifa Bohemica and Uhlava del Monte de Haya. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed Gerry of the Porkwood Heat and Xara Kalifa Bohemica.

17.6.2015 New litters, new adwert. Based on owners request were deleted this dog from list of studdogs Ridley Obrazek.

21.5.2015 Showresults -  Wijchen (NL), MVP Prague. Based on owners request were deleted this dog from list of studdogs Jecminek Zlata Chara.

28.4.2015 Days of CT 2015 - EXHIBITOR LIST

23.4.2015 New photos - broodbitches Bonanza Day Break and Chyma Klaifa Bohemica. Based on owners request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Myska Kalifa Bohemica.

Dear owners and breeders of Cesky Terriers, 


KCHCT invites you kindly to special KCHCT show which takes place on 21.6.2015 in Klatovy. There is also the possibility to sign up for IDS in Klatovy. There also the possibilityto sign up for IDS in Klatovy, which takes place on 20.6.2015 and it is possible to obtain double reversion CAC or CAJC there. 

Good acommodation can be reserved in Hnačov Camp, tel.No : +420 777 300 053. The camp is well equipped, there is a social equipment, grocery store and a possibility of nice strolling.



2.4.2015 New litter, new link - kennel Gabca Marles

14.2.2015 Programme, registration and accommodation information to Days of CT

10.2.2015 New litters, new adwert.

29.12.2014 Shows Amsterdam Winner, Wels

25.11.2014 New litter, new studdogs - Admiral Sisi de Domus Bohemia, Cer del Monte de Haya, Ejhle del Monte de Haya, Chloupek od Fontánky, Orfeus Kalifa Bohemica, Othelo Kalifa Bohemica. New broodbitches - Alva Edisonka Koudy, Cibulka del Monte de Haya, Cikorka del Monte de Haya, Ejchuchu del Monte de Haya, Chyma Kalifa Bohemica, Natalie Kalifa Bohemica.Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Ida Melina Bohemica, Doubravka Netolická obora, Wilma Kalifa Bohemica.

21.11.2014 Club show STC (NL) 1/2014, new advert, new litter.

4.11.2014 Showresults - Brno, Litomerice, Chorzow, Eurodog 2014

29.8.2014 New litter, showresults - DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK).

29.7.2014 New litter.

20.7.2014 Showresults Brno,Warszawa,Mlada Boleslav, new adwerts, new litter.

6.7.2014 New advert, new litters, new broodbitch Bonanza Day Break.

2.7.2014 New studdog Norkinstein Charlie Chaplin

14.6.2014 Showresults Litomerice , Lanskroun

11.6.2014 New advert

2.6.2014 New litters, new studdog - Amorek ze Staropleskych luk, new broodbitches - Amanda Petru zdar, Arnika z Boriho dvora, Arnyka del Monte de Haya and Mispule Hamentashen. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Apolenka z Krenoveho pole, Asia des Hauteurs de la Sole, Bellami z Vitkovske zahradky, Celebrita Orest Kalimera and Ida Melina Bohemica.

1.5.2014 New advert, new litter, new photos - Karamel and Dorotka Kalifa Bohemica, showresults NDS Ostrava (CZ) , IDS Opole (PL).

26.4.2014 Days of CT 2014 - EXHIBITOR LIST

21.4.2014 New studdog - CASSIDY OD Irish Angel

11.4.2014 New advert, new litter, new link - kennel ILEXINE, new studdog XAM Vankat Hill, new broodbitch XARA Vankat Hill.

9.4.2014 New advert

7.3.2014 Programme and registration on Days od CT, showresults - DUOCACIB Brno and Club show KCHT Ceske Budejovice.

31.1.2014  Preliminary information about the Days of CT.  Studdog Jaspis Sisi Blackguards - new show results.

23.11.2013 Showresults - MVP Kielce (PL), Komarom (HU). Cesmina Karolita - new showresults and working exams , Cranberry Karolita - new photo, new broodbitches - Levandule Hamentashen and Myska Kalifa Bohemica. Galery O.Dufek - new photos. 

16.10.2013 Show results - NDS Bytom, Rybnik (PL), IDS Ceske Budejovice (CZ) 

14.10.2013 New adwert, new litters

15.9.2013 Showresults - Clubs show KCHCT and KCHT

9.9.2013 NDS Brno (CZ)

5.9.2013 New advert

27.8.2013 DUOCACIB Bratislava (SK), NDS Mlada Boleslav (CZ), new litter

29.6.2013 Showresult IDS Brno (CZ)

27.6.2013 Showresults - Klatovy (CZ), Nitra (SK), Senec (SK)

6.6.2013 New broodbitches - Haslerka, Hoblinka and Housenka od Fontanky. Cranberry Karolita - new photo. Showresults - Hrdonov and Litomerice (CZ).

5.6.2013 New litters, new breeders advert, new broodbitches - Gera and Elizabet Kalifa Bohemica. Based on owners request were deleted this dog from list of studdogs - Ory Kalifa Bohemica.

New studdogs - Galan od Fontanky and Krtecek Kalifa Bohemica. Studdog Jaspis Sisi Blackguards - new photos and show results.

22.5.2013 WDS Budapest (HU), IDS Budapest (HU)

3.5.2013 Days of CT 2013 - EXHIBITOR LIST

24.4.2013 Results Club show KCHT Ceske Budejovice 2.3.2013

15.4.2013 Showresults - NDS Ostrava (CZ), Special Terrier show Vantaa (Finland) 25.8.2012

Deadline for Club show KCHCT in Hrdonov extended until 17.4.2013

22.2.2013 Showresults DUOCACIB Brno (CZ), Galery 2 - new photos

20.2.2013 Programme, registration and accommodation information to Days of CT

19.2.2013 Showresults Trencin (SK), Brno (CZ)

18.2.2013 Preliminary information about the Days of CT, new litters (2012).Based on owners request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Bela z Novorychnovska.

5.12.2012 DUOCACIB Nitra (SK), new broodbitch Elita Netolicka obora

4.12.2012 Terrier club show Nitra (SK)

29.11.2012 Show results - studdug Cent Karolita, new link - Cent Karolita

14.11.2012 2x International dog show Prague (CZ)

15.10.2012 International dog show Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

12.10.2012 Bundessieger Tulln (A)

7.10.2012 Club show KCHCT Litomerice (CZ)

3.10.2012 New litters. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed -  Hero Monib z Vinohrad, Lena Bohemia Regent. New broodbitches - Cranberry Karolita, Fujara Kalifa Bohemica and Pralinka Zlata Chara, new studdogs - Cent Karolita, Flanagan Kalifa Bohemica.

1.10.2012 Show Brno (CZ)

25.9.2012 New litter

19.9.2012 Shows Mlada Boleslav and Luxemburk, new litter

30.8.2012 Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

26.8.2012 DuoCACIB Bratislava (SK)

25.8.2012 Shows Rëzekne, Parnü, Druskininkai, new show succes - studdog Norkinstein Zoydberg, new litter

25.7.2012 New adverts

Club show KCHCT (CAC) Litomerice (CZ) 6.10.2012 REGISTRATION

22.7.2012 Shows Gross-Enzersdorf (A), Mlada Boleslav (CZ), Vel´ká Ida (SK)

18.7.2012 New litter

12.7.2012 Shows Hradec Kralove, Klatovy (CZ)

3.7.2012 Show Brno (CZ), new litters

25.6.2012 Springduodanube Bratislava (SK)

18.6.2012 Shows Senec, Nitra (SK)

6.6.2012 Show Litomerice (CZ), new litter

25.5.2012 New adverts, new litters, showresults - Kröpelin (D), Bratislava (SK), Praha

New broodbitches - Alba Pyrop, Andelka Tab At Takytak, Anezka Tab At Takytak, Aska z Kralovskych teras, Cesmina Karolita, Furie od Fontanky. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Aileen Sisi Blackguards, Fatima Melina Bohemica, Kaisa Vankat Hill.

20.5.2012 WORLD DOG SHOW Salcburg (A), new studdogs - Flam od Fontanky, Grafit Netolicka obora, Jaspis Sisi Blackguards, Koukol Hamentashen, Kvitko´s Klucek of Cesky Dream´s

14.5.2012 DAYS OF CT - showresults, Committee of KCHCT - new members

28.4.2012 DAYS OF CT - exhibitors list

23.4.2012 New litters, shows Ostrava (CZ), Wieselburg (A)

14.4.2012 Shows Vinicne (SK), Nitra (SK)

8.4.2012 Show C.Budejovice (CZ)

5.4.2012 Terrier show Hamm (D)

25.3.2012 New information about the special show KCHCT is in Club actions section

8.3.2012 Show Gent (BEL)

6.3.2012 New adverts

4.3.2012 New advert

28.2.2012 New show successes + photo - Norkinstein Zoydberg, show Sankt-Peterburg and "Золотой ошейник 2011"

14.2.2012 DUOCACIB Brno (CZ) - new photos, Registracion of Days of Cesky Terrier

6.2.2012 Shows Trencin (SK), DUOCACIB Brno (CZ)

28.1.2012 Broodbitch Bernis Karolita - new photos

17.1.2012 Shows 2012 (international, national,clubs and specials - deadline)

12.1.2012 New Club champions 2011

11.1.2012 New studdog Livius Zlata Chara

9.1.2012 Show Brno (CZ)

29.12.2011 New litters, new broodbitch Dorotka Kalifa Bohemica

16.12.2011 Show Swiebodzice (PL)

6.12.2011 Shows Minsk(BLR) and Amsterdam (NL)

3.12.2011 International dog show Nitra 2x, new broodbitch - Amalka z Odolenky, new owner - studdog Sobec von Klanovice.

JANOS KVITKO - 17 years old, owner Mrs.Dominika Machacova. Congratulations.

25.11.2011 Shows - Prague (CZ), Luxembourg (LUX), Nitra (SK)

15.11.2011 New broodbitches - Agata Pyrop, Bernis Karolita, Cita z Novorychnovska, Gabra Kalifa Bohemica, new studdog - Granat Kalifa Bohemica. Based on age were from brood bitches list   dismissed - Intrika Kvítko. Galery 2 - new photo Iason Monib z Vinohrad.

12.11.2011 Shows - Wroclaw, Zabrze (PL)

26.10.2011 Shows - Bedzin,Legnickie Pole,Chorzow,Zielona Gora (PL) and Russia Moscow (RU)

17.10.2011 Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

6.10.2011 Shows - Komarom (HU), Jaroslavl (RU)

4.10.2011 HALL OF FAME - Iason Monib z Vinohrad

24.9.2011 Shows - Club show Liberec (CZ), Brno (CZ). New link- Kennel  : A Jednak (PL)

16.9.2011 Shows - Club show Mlada Boleslav (CZ), 2x Bialystok (PL). Based on owners request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Adlenka od Draci ulicky. New link- Kennel  : de Domus Bohemia.

9.9.2011 Show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

8.9.2011 New litters

27.8.2011 DUODANUBE Bratislava (SK)

16.8.2011 Shows - Lanskroun (CZ) 12.6.11 a Bielsko-Biala (PL) 3.7.11

Based on owners request were deleted this dogs from list of studdogs - Cassius Pibaro and Blatouch Hamentashen.

2.8.2011 Show Opole (PL) - 30.4.2011

28.7.2011 Shows Mlada Boleslav (CZ), Kursk (RU), Warszawa (PL), Oberwart (A), Szombathely (HU)

13.7.2011 Shows Brno, Gross-Enzensdorf

15.6.2011 Shows Senec,Nitra,Raciborz

14.6.2011 New breeders adwert, new litters

5.6.2011 Shows Nova Ruda (PL), Moscow (RU), Szekesfehervar (HU)

2.6.2011 New breeders adwert

27.5.2011 Shows Litomerice (CZ)

26.5.2011 New adwert, new studdog Norkinstein ZOYDBERG

Club show KCHCT (CAC) Liberec (CZ) 24.9.2011 - REGISTRATION

19.5.2011 DAYS OF CT - new photos

18.5.2011 Shows DUOCACIB Bratislava(SK),FCI Dortmund (D)

15.5.2011 Shows Prague (CZ), VDH Europasiegerschau Dortmund (D)

12.5.2011 New litters, new breeders adwert

10.5.2011 DAYS OF CT Hrdonov (CZ), Galery RAJCE.CZ - new photos (Days of CT)

5.5.2011 Shows Opole (PL), Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

1.5.2011 DAYS OF CT - Exhibitors list

17.4.2011 Show Ostrava (CZ), new studdog - Grancek Early One Morning. Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of studdogs - Alex Orest Kalimera.

14.4.2011 New show successes - studdogs : Anyz Tabat Taky, Inu Co Hamentashen, Inu Tak Hamentashen, broodbitches : Hluchavka Hamentashen, Chundelka Hamentashen, show Wieselburg (A)

7.4.2011 Shows Unterhaching (D), Wijchen (NL)

5.4.2011 Shows München (D), Eurasia I I. Moscow (RU)

30.3.2011 Shows Nitra (SK), Katowice (PL), Eurasia I. Moscow (RU)

10.3.2011 Shows Bratislava (SK), Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

1.3.2011 New litter, Show Brno - new photo Amalka z Odolenky

25.2.2011 New litter, Galery RAJCE - new photos


16.2.2011 Shows Brno, Tula, Moscow

10.2.2011 International dog show Brno (CZ), new litter. - Pepina Kalifa Bohemica.

30.1.2011 International dog show Glogow (PL), new advert

24.1.2011 International dog show Trencin (SK), new advert, studdog Iason Monib z Vinohrad  - new show successes.

18.1.2011 New litter

14.1.2011 National dog show Olomouc (CZ)

4.1.2011 At the end of last year was published next book about Czech Terrier. Author is Ing. Hana Petrusova. Book can be bought from Ing. Dana Juricova. Contact:, tel.: +420 602 212 708. Prize is 250,-czk + cash on delivery.

3.1.2011 New litter

21.12.2010 New litter

25.11.2010 Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Azalka Orest Kalimera, Cecilka ze Zlateho Antonicku, Charta Bohemia Regent, Nelinka Kalifa Bohemica, Ninera Kalifa Bohemica, Nymfa Kalifa Bohemica.

Broodbitches Lentilka Zlata Chara - new show successes.

16.11.2010 New  advert

12.11.2010 DUOCACIB Poznan (PL)

7.11.2010 Club show Tulln (A), National show Raciborz (PL)

23.10.2010 New litters

20.10.2010 Shows RUSSIA Moscow (RU), Chorzow (PL),Zabrze (PL), New litter

14.10.2010 Show Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

5.10.2010 Shows Tulln (A), Rybnik (PL)

26.9.2010 Shows Brno (CZ), Wroclaw (PL), new advert, new litter

22.9.2010 Club show KCHCT Domazelice 

18.9.2010 New  litter, show Krakow (PL), brood bitches Doubravka Netolicka obora - new photos

16.9.2010 New  advert

9.9.2010 Shows Minsk (BLR), Belostok (PL)

2.9.2010 Link CLUB ACTIONS - Exhibitors list on Club show KCHT Domazelice 11.9.2010

30.8.2010 Galery Rajce - International dog show Mlada Boleslav

29.8.2010  Shows Interdog Bohemia Mlada Boleslav (CZ), 2x Bratislava (SK)

25.8.2010 New  litter

19.8.2010 New  advert

26.7.2010 Galery Rajce - Special show CT Hedensted

25.7.2010 New breeders adverts, new litters, show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

23.7.2010  WORLD DOG SHOW - new photos, results shows Warszawa (PL), Oberwart (A), Szombathely (HU)

16.7.2010  WORLD DOG SHOW Herning (DK), Special show Hedensted (DK)

8.7.2010  2x shows - Nowa Ruda, Bielsko-Biala (PL), adverts - new photo

24.6.2010 Show Brno (CZ), Kalisz - new photo

17.6.2010 Show Kalisz (PL)

Club show Domazelice (without tittle Club Winner) - 11.9.2010 - entry, information

15.6.2010 New litter, Studdog Viking Kalifa Bohemica - new photos

11.6.2010 Shows Nitra (SK), Klatovy(CZ), Special show KCHCT

New galery - RAJCE.CZ

26.5.2010 Show Bratislava 15.5. - new photo

25.5.2010 Show Litomerice (CZ)

21.5.2010 New  advert 

19.5.2010 Shows Lodz (PL), DuoCACIB Bratislava (SK), nes studdogs - Amadeus Kalifa Bohemica, Inu Tak Hamentashen, new brood bitch Extra Netolicka obora

18.5.2010 New breeders adverts (link BREEDING - ADVERTS)

16.5.2010 Show Dortmund (D), new litter

14.5.2010 Club show KCHCT - new photos

12.5.2010 Club show KCHCT Rasna, new Club champions 2010

10.5.2010 Show Opole (PL)

Cesky Terrier video

2.5.2010 Shows Prague, Ceske Budejovice (CZ), new litter, Days of CT - Exhibitors list

28.4.2010 Prices information about Velkoparezity camp during the Days of Cesky Terrier 2010

13.4.2010 International dog show Wieselburg (A)

10.4.2010 National dog show Ostrava (CZ)

30.3.2010 2x shows - EURASIA Moscow (RU), Nitra (SK), New litter


20.3.2010 - Today there are last 16 free accommodation spaces in camp Velkoparezity. They are in pension, that is newly equipped for our action. It has collective social facilities. Accommodation can be arranged with camps agent. In case of camp being full, there is secured other accommodation in distance of 500 meters from the main camp. Food provided in camp Velkoparezity. Check our web for further information. Guarantor of Days of Cesky Terrier is Mr. Jiri Sebera, tel: +420 604 646 657

18.3.2010 2x shows - Cruft's, National dog show Tula (RUS)

9.3.2010 New photo brood bitch Lentilka Zlata Chara, SHOWS-CLUB ACTIONS - Special show KCHCT, programme and registration

6.3.2010 New litter

2.3.2010 Programme and registration of Days of CT went online ( SHOWS-DAYS OF CT)

24.2.2010 2x shows - Presov (SK), Rzeszow (PL)

15.2.2010 Based on owner request were deleted this bitch from list of broodbitches - Resinous Cool Water, Mafie Zlata Chara.  

9.2.2010 International dog show DUOCACIB Brno (CZ)

1.2.2010 International dog show Trencin (SK)

18.1.2010 New brood bitches -  Bela z Novorychnovska, Flyn z Vrculky, Uhlava del Monte de Haya, Upa del Monte de Haya

10.1.2010 Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Resinous Cool Water.  National dog show Olomouc (CZ). New studdogs - Albert Karolita, Iason Monib z Vinohrad, Livius Zlata Chara, Sobec von Klanovice.

1.1.2010 New link - kennel Z ODOLENKY

21.12.2009 Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Resinous Blue Admiral

14.12.2009 2x shows Nitracanis (SK) - new photos

8.12.2009 2x shows Nitracanis (SK), new litter

25.11.2009 International dog show Belarus 2009

20.11.2009 New litter

16.11.2009 New litter

12.11.2009 International dog show Poznan (PL)

9.11.2009 International dog show Prague (CZ)

6.11.2009 New litter

2.11.2009 New photo -broodbitch Lentilka Zlata Chara, New photos World dog show Bratislava and Raciborz (PL)

27.10.2009 Shows Raciborz (PL), Brno (CZ)

20.10.2009 New link - kennel Certovo kvitko, brood bitch Ywetta Kalifa Bohemica - new photo

18.10.2009 Swedish Cesky Terrier show, International dog show Komarom, new Photos - show Pocatky - Extra Netolicka obora, show Mlada Boleslav 29.8.09 - Dalava od Fontanky

14.10.2009 World dog show 2009

11.10.2009 Shows - 2x Celje (SLO), INTERRA 2009 Bratislava (SK)

4.10.2009 Shows Wroclaw, Presov

28.9.2009 International dog show Russia 2009

22.9.2009 Studdog Anyz Tabat Taky - new photo

21.9.2009 Shows Warszawa, Torun (PL), new litter

19.9.2009 Club show KCHT Mlada Boleslav (CZ), new link - Day Break

16.9.2009 Club show KCHCT Pocatky (CZ)

2.9.2009 Shows Mlada Boleslav (CZ), Mechelen (B), Rotterdam (NL)

27.8.2009 Shows Sopot (PL), Bratislava (SK), 3x Wels (A)

19.8.2009 National dog show Legnica (PL)

3.8.2009 New brood bitches -  Anabelka Sedy drak, Dalava od Fontanky, Lentilka Zlata Chara, Mafie Zlata Chara, Ywetta Kalifa Bohemica. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Bambulka Bohemia Kamire, Bara ze Zlateho Antonicku, Beryna ze Zlateho Antonicku, Berryl ze Zlateho Antonicku, Cikorka Hamentashen, Doriana Melina Bohemica, Fialka Kvitko, Gloria Kvitko.

30.7.2009 Regional dog show Brno-Zebetin (CZ)

22.7.2009 National dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ), New link - Resinous Cool Water and Fesak of Cesky Dream's

21.7.2009 New litters,  new photo Hall of fame - Gebi ze Zlateho Antonicku

11.7.2009 New stud dogs - Anyz Tabat Taky, Cassius Pibaro, Inu Co Hamentashen, Janek Melina Bohemica, Ridley Obrazek

10.7.2009 International dog show Krakow (PL), National dog show Bielsko-Biala (PL), new litters

29.6.2009 International dog show Brno (CZ)

26.6.2009 Special Terrier show Lanskroun (CZ)

22.6.2009 Regional dog show Trmice (CZ)

Club show Pocatky (without tittle Club Winner) - 13.9.2009 - entry, information

18.6.2009 Galery 2 - New photo Arnost od Draci ulicky

16.6.2009 International dog show Smolensk (RU), National dog show Klatovy (CZ)

11.6.2009 International dog show Nitra (SK)

9.6.2009 National dog show Senec (SK)

7.6.2009 New litter

2.6.2009 New studdog Dandy z Vrculky

1.6.2009 New photo - studdog Prazdroj von Klanovice, International shows Litomerice (CZ), Leszno (PL)

19.5.2009 Days of Cesky Terrier -2 new photos - Cranberry Glaze v.Lichtblick, Magie Zlata Chara

18.5.2009 National dog show Jelenia Gora (PL)

14.5.2009 Days of Cesky Terrier - photos

13.5.2009 Shows Bratislava, Dortmund, Days of Cesky Terrier. New links - Ramses vom Lichtblick, Cesky Terrier USA, Anabelka Sedy drak, Norkinstein (RU).

5.5.2009 International dog show Prague (CZ)

27.4.2009 International dog show Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

6.4.2009 National dog show Ostrava (CZ)

3.4.2009 Club Terrier show Vinicne (SK)

29.3.2009 New litter

17.3.2009 Shows Drzonkow (PL) and Club show KCHT Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

21.2.2009 Programme and registration of Days of CT went online ( SHOWS-DAYS OF CT)

11.2.2009 Shows Trencin (SK), 2x Duo-CACIB Brno (CZ)

1.2.2009 Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Vasko des Petits Roys de Mae

27.1.2009 New photos -broodbitches Ida Melina Bohemica, Rericha del Monte de Haya, Redkvicka del Monte de Haya, Xara Kalifa Bohemica

7.1.2009 New photo - broodbitch Doubravka Netolicka obora and stud dog Grim z Vrculky, Galery 2 - photo Dasa Bohemia Regent and Dlan od Fontanky. Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Bara Krumbau, Daisy z Vrculky, Dita Vankat Hill, Ekipa Kvitko, Gabi Monib z Vinohrad, Gina Bohemia Regent a Markyza del Monte de Haya.

5.1.2009 Norwegian Winner shov Hamar (NOR)

12.12.2008 National dog show Nowa Ruda (PL)

7.12.2008 International dog show Amsterdam Winner (NL)

25.11.2008 New stud dog - Benjamin z Vitkovske zahradky

21.11.2008 New brood bitches -  Cinda z Hlubiny, Gerry of the Porkwood Heath, Chundelka Hamentashen, Ina Melina Bohemica

19.11.2008 MVP Prague (CZ)

17.11.2008 Shows Dortmund, Poznan, Nitra, new link - Junior Melina Bohemica

10.11.2008 International dog show Luxemburg (LUX)

9.11.2008 International dog show Nitracanis Nitra (SK) - new photo

3.11.2008 International dog show Nitracanis Nitra (SK)

23.10.2008 National Terrier show Raciborz (PL),National dog show Brno (CZ)

14.10.2008 National dog show Zabrze (PL)

9.10.2008 New brood bitches - Doubravka Netolicka obora, Ida Melina Bohemica, Redkvicka del Monte de Haya, Rericha del Monte de Haya, Xara Kalifa Bohemica, new stud dog - Grim z Vrculky

8.10.2008 New litters

5.10.2008 Shows Wroclaw (PL), Eurodogshow Budapest,Terrier club show Budapest (H)

1.10.2008 New litter

21.9.2008 Club Show KCHT Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

17.9.2008 Special Show KCHCT Liberec (CZ), new litter, show results Warszawa, Chorzow (PL). Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Amor Melina Bohemica.

15.9.2008 Club Show KCHCT Pocatky (CZ)

14.9.2008 New litter

31.8.2008 International dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

26.8.2008 Galery 2 - new photos

19.8.2008 International dog show DUODANUBE Bratislava (SK)

18.8.2008 National dog show Torun (PL), Open club show England 2008

13.8.2008 New photo Galery 2 - Chochol Tabat and Penelope of Bumble-Bee Castle, new photo Hall of fame - A Jednak Yasmin

11.8.2008 International dog show Sopot (PL)

5.8.2008 National dog show Legnica (PL)

30.7.2008 National dog show Bedzin (PL)

26.7.2008 National dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - new photo

21.7.2008 National dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - new photo

20.7.2008 National dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

 15.7.2008 New stud dog Prazdroj von Klanovice, new brood bitch Apolenka z Krenoveho pole


Club show (without title Club Winner) Pocatky

9.7.2008 New 2 litters

7.7.2008 World dog show Stockholm (Sweden)

4.7.2008 Galery 2 - new photo Victoria de Kibefa

2.7.2008 International dog show Brno (CZ)

25.6.2008 New litter

22.6.2008 Galery 2 - new photo Arnost od Draci ulicky

17.6.2008 New litter, National dog show Kalisz (PL)

13.6.2008 New photos - studdogs Arny z Novorychnovska, Adam Alexandr z Kovalovske hajenky,Borik od Fontanky, Cavyk Netolicka obora, Ignor Zlata Chara, Jecminek Zlata Chara, Nick Bohemia Regent

11.6.2008 Show Walbrzych (PL)

8.6.2008 Show Senec (SK)

7.6.2008 Shows Banska Bystrica and Nitra (SK)

3.6.2008 New brood bitches - Centra Netolicka obora, Divana of Cesky Dream's, Nora Bohemia Regent, Wilma Kalifa Bohemica, National dog show Székesfehérvár (H)

1.6.2008 Days of CT - new photos

26.5.2008 Nord Bohemia canis Litomerice - new photo, Galery 2 - new photo

25.5.2008 Nord Bohemia canis Litomerice (CZ)

23.5.2008 New litter, new stud dogs : Adam-Alexandr z Kovalovske hajenky, Arny z Novorychnovska, Borik od Fontanky, Cavyk Netolicka obora, Eduard z Hlubiny, Nick Bohemia Regent

22.5.2008 Days of CT - new photo, National dog show Jelenia Gora (PL)

20.5.2008 Protocol about process of KCHCT member meeting which was 10.5.2008 in Hrdonov (ABOUT US - CLUB MEETING)

19.5.2008 Days of Cesky Terrier Hrdonov (CZ), 2x International dog show Bratislava

5.5.2008 Based on owner request were deleted this bitch from list of brood bitches - Queen Kalifa Bohemica, International dog shoe Lodz (PL).

2.5.2008 New 2 litters

30.4.2008 Shows Mlada Boleslav(CZ) and Miskolc (HU)

28.4.2008 New litter

27.4.2008 National Terrier show Stafford (UK), International dog show Opole (PL), new Link - Bohemia Regent

22.4.2008 National dog show Czestochowa (PL)

20.4.2008 International dog show Ceske Budejovice (CZ) 

17.4.2008 New links - Borik od Fontanky, Haur and Igor Bohemia Regent, new litters

14.4.2008 National dog show Ostrava (CZ)

10.4.2008 Shows Moscow and Luxemburg

7.4.2008 National dog show Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (PL)

6.4.2008 From list of stud dogs was dissmissed Casper Pibaro

4.4.2008 Shows Bratislava, Nitra, Katowice

28.3.2008 International dog show Prague - new photos 

25.3.2008 Galery 2 - new photos Cameron Orest Kalimera, International dog show Prague

19.3.2008 New link - Sisi Blackguards

14.3.2008 Galery 2 - new photos Zivotny's Janek Odvazny and Zivotny's Joska Umelec

13.3.2008 Cruft's dog show 2008

11.3.2008 Dog show Graz, Club show KCHT Ceske Budejovice

10.3.2008 Galery 2 - new photos Diana Orest Kalimera and Borik od Fontanky

24.2.2008 Mrs. Jitka Paulinova has a new e-mail adress : 

18.2.2008 International dog show Montpellier (F) 

17.2.2008 Programme and registration of Days of CT went online ( SHOWS-DAYS OF CT), Programme and registration of Special Cesky Terrier show KCHCT Liberec went online (SHOWS-DEADLINE).

14.2.2008 New litter -  z Chejnu, Stud dogs - new photo Enzo Melina Bohemica, Galery 2 - new photos Idea a Nora Bohemia Regent

12.2.2008 New information about Days of CT

11.2.2008 International dog show Brno (CZ)

10.2.2008 Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Chuligan Zlata Chara

29.1.2008 Shows Trencin, Glogow

27.1.2008 New photo - broodbitch Chloris Monib z Vinohrad, Shows Askerund and Hässleholm (Sweden) 2007 

25.1.2008 New brood bitches - Casiopea Orest Kalimera and Chloris Monib z Vinohrad

24.1.2008 New stud dog Angel Eyes Day Break

23.1.2008 New litter

18.1.2008 New stud dog Cameron Orest Kalimera

17.1.2008 Dog show 2008 in Czech rep.

14.1.2008 New litters,National dog show Olomouc (CZ)

9.1.2008 New link - Krasna louka

6.1.2008 Sites CLUB ACTIONS (SHOWS) went online

30.12.2007 Based on age were from brood bitches list dismissed - Agata z Hlubiny, Aja z Brandyského dvora, Alida Vnucka z Hlubiny, Alpina Kvitko, Andelika Hamentashen, Astra Kvitko, Bazalka Hamentashen and Zare Kvitko

11.12.2007 New brood bitch - Idea Bohemia Regent

6.12.2007 New stud dog Jecminek Zlata Chara

29.11.2007 Winner Amsterdam (NL)

25.11.2007 New litters - kennel od Velkeho vyra, Kalifa Bohemica

22.11.2007 New litters - kennel Vankat Hill, del Monte de Haya

17.11.2007 International dog show Prague (CZ)

13.11.2007 New litter, Dog show Poznan (PL) 2x

8.11.2007 Terrier Club show Nitra (SK)

7.11.2007 International dog show Nitra (SK)

2.11.2007 International dog show Lahti (Finland)

30.10.2007 New photo - stud dog Resinous Cool Water

29.10.2007 New litter, New link kennel Anitaf

23.10.2007 Show results - Budapest, Raciborz

10.10.2007 New brood bitch - Celebrita Orest Kalimera

9.10.2007 Show results - Ceske Budejovice (CZ) 

2.10.2007 Club show Roullet (F),International dog show Wroclaw (PL)

29.9.2007 Club show KCHT Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

21.9.2007 Club show KCHCT Liberec (CZ) - new photo

19.9.2007 New litter, new link - Od Fontanky

16.9.2007 Club show KCHCT Liberec (CZ)

9.9.2007 Show results - Brno (CZ) and Szombathely (H)

6.9.2007 New stud dog - Resinous Cool Water, stud dog Blatouch Hamentashen - new photo

4.9.2007 International dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ) - new photos

3.9.2007 International dog show Mlada Boleslav (CZ)

23.5.2007 Galery 2 - new photos Fabian Melina Bohemica

21.8.2007 New 2 litters, Duodanube Bratislava

14.8.2007 New link - Drakula Kvitko

12.8.2007 Brood bitch  Asia Bohemia des Hauteurs de la Sole - new photo

7.8.2007 New brood bitch - Asia Bohemia des Hauteurs de la Sole, Regional dog show Ostrava (CZ)

1.8.2007 Based on owner request were deleted this dog from list of stud dogs - Crystal Bohemia Regent, new litter

31.7.2007 New links - kennel Bjeliczkow and kennel Karolita

30.7.2007 Stud dogs Alex Orest Kalimera and Ory Kalifa Bohemica - new photos, shows Kosice (2x),Oberwart, Mlada Boleslav

10.7.2007 Stud dog Resinous Blue Admiral - new photo

26.6.2007 International dog show Brno (CZ) and  Krakow (PL)

18.6.2007 New link - kennel Orest Kalimera

11.6.2007 Eurodogshow Zagreb(HR)

6.6.2007 Shows Senec and Nitra (SK)

4.6.2007 International dog show Leszno (PL), Dog show Zlin (CZ) - new photos, new brood bitch - Eliska z Vrculky

31.5.2007 New litter, Galery 2 - new photos

30.5.2007 3x Dog show Budapest (H)

26.5.2007 Dog show Bytom (PL), Zlin (CZ)

24.5.2007 Stud dogs - new photo Viking Kalifa Bohemica and Galery 2 - Garex Borivoj

22.5.2007 National dog show Jelenia Góra, International dog show Litomerice, new litter, 2 new links - z Vrculky, Vasko and Celebrita

18.5.2007 New stud dogs - Viking Kalifa Bohemica and Ignor Zlata Chara, new brood bitches - Apolenka Bjeliczkow, Bellami z Vitkovske zahradky, Casandra Orest Kalimera, Queen Kalifa Bohemica and Quandra Vankat Hill. New litters. Regional dog show Hlucin (CZ).

15.5.2007 Galery 2 - new photos - Denis Sisi Blackguard and Vasko + Celebrita, Stud dogs - new photos -Vasko des Petits Roys de Mae 

14.5.2007 International dog show Bratislava (SK)

13.5.2007 Days of Cesky Terrier - results

11.5.2007 Galery 2 - new photos - Borik od Fontanky, new litter

1.5.2007 International dog show Zadar (HR), Regional show Lublin (PL)

28.4.2007 International dog show Prague (CZ), change of stud dog Vasko des Petits Roys de Mae's owner

25.4.2007 International dog show Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

17.4.2007 National dog show Ostrava (CZ)

14.4.2007 International dog show Wieselburg (A)

11.4.2007 Based on owner request were deleted this bitch from list of brood bitches - Xantia Kvitko.

31.3.2007 Based on owners request were deleted this dogs from list of stud dogs - Gib Monib z Vinohrad, Lisak del Monte de Haya, Mrak del Monte de Haya. 

New stud dog Broucek od Fontanky.

20.3.2007 New photos - International dog show Katowice, National dog show Nitra, Galery 2 - new photo - Ginkgo Hamentashen

20.3.2007 International dog show Katowice, Special Terrier dog show Bratislava

18.3.2007 Cruft's dog show, National dog show Nitra (SK)

10.3.2007 Galery 2 - new photos - Garex Alzbeta, Garex Cecilie, Champion dog show Leszno (PL)

6.3.2007 International dog show München (D)

4.3.2007 Club show KCHT Ceske Budejovice (CZ)

3.3.2007 Hall of Fame - new photos - Garex Alzbeta, Garex Cecilie

23.2.2007 Based on owners request were deleted this dogs from list of stud dogs -  - Asterix z Kundrtova dvora, Bon Bohemia Regent, Boss z Lontu, Cesko Vankatter, Ciro Hofra and Tener Vankat Hill


Pay for dog is unified - you pay the same when you have more dogs, too.

17.2.2007 Galery 2 - new photos - Viking Kalifa Bohemica

15.2.2007 Galery 2 - new photos - Pohoda, Bajt, Branka+Orest, Brut, Cibulka, Daisy and Ginkgo

Added GALLERY - HALL OF FAME - All KCHCT members, owners of successful Cesky Terriers, which want to show off with their dog, can send me high - quality photo and list of all show or work success. All will be brought in in this gallery. Thank you M.U.

11.2.2007 International dog show Brno

4.2.2007 New link - del Monte de Haya

29.1.2007 International dog show Trencin (SK)

27.1.2007 New information about Days of CT

19.1.2007 New photo Broucek od Fontanky - National dog show Olomouc

14.1.2007 Site CLUB MEETING went online

13.1.2007 Site SHOWS - RESULTS went online

5.1.2007 Sites BROOD BITCHES and DEADLINE went online

2.1.2007 New litter inserted