Cesky Terrier is a product of intentionally crossbreeding Scotch and  Sealyham Terrier by Mr.Horak from Klanovice from 1949.In 1963,Cesky Terrier was officially recognized by FCI as an indipendent breed ( as the first Czech dog´s breed).

There were two raesons to improve the breeds :

1) to create an ideal compromise between two burrow breeds - Scotch Terrier and Sealyham Terrier - easy to control,quiet persevering,with drop ear (like Sealyham) and fully pigmented and can be well used for hunting (like Scotch).

2) to check up the possibility to rise a new breed from only a very little initial number of indidviduals.On Cesky Terrier origin participated only two dogs ( Sealyham father and son) and one bitch (Scotch Terrier).

To the breed regeneration had been proceeded only one times in 1984 an 1985 (Sealyham Terrier bitch).Cesky Terrier is currently breed in the following countries :

Australia,Belgium,Brazil,Denmark,France,Finland,Holland,Italy,Canada,Hungary,Germany,Norway,Poland,Austria,Slovakia, Slovenia,Sweden,Switzerland,the USA and GB.


The club of the Cesky Terrier Breeders (KCHCT) was established in 1990 by Mr.Frantisek Horak - honorable chairman till his death.

The Club collects approximately 65 – 70 members.
The dogs and bitches of the Cesky Terrier are recognised as breeding animals by commission. This process takes place several times per year at warriors club events. The animals must by at least one year old.