Input sheets will be send up to end of week by email


DOGcat. numbernumber
puppy class (4–6 m.)11
puppy class (6–9 m.)21
junior class3–42
teenager class5–62
open class71
working class8–92
champion class10–112
BITCHcat. numbernumber
puppy class (4–6 m.)121
puppy class (6–9 m.)131
junior class14–207
teenager class211
open class22–287
working class29–302
champion class31–355
veteran class36–394
honorary class401


Drápalová Bohdana, CZ

Tassi Emanuela, IT

Bilíková Hana, CZ

Bosch Christa+Jacques, BE

Čechová Květa, CZ

Dana Juřicová+Petr Urban, CZ

Hajnová Gabriela van Ruiten, CZ

Harmáčková Petra, CZ

Hildprandtovi Eva + Jan, CZ

Hluchý Karel, CZ

Jensen Hana and Ole Kruse

Julie Gritten + Richard Cotter, USA

Kocanová Sabina, CZ

Kolařík Jiří, CZ

Koštálová Pavla, CZ

Matějeková Helena, CZ

Miosgová Kateřina

Paulínová Jitka, CZ

Poulsen Heidi Westergaard

Seberová Kamila, CZ

Schmieder Sylvia + Eberhard, D

Szabo Tunde-Edit, RO

Šafaříková Václava, CZ

Šalandová Lenka, CZ

Šmahelová Mária

Šalandová Lenka, CZ

Toftkjaer Kirsten, DK

Truksová Barbora , CZ

Urban Petr, CZ

Veselá Ivana , CZ


invites all lovers of our national breed to


which are held on 4th – 6th May 2018 in hotel ANTON in village Telc. You can reserve your accommodation right now. Password CESKY TERRIER.

Hotel Antoň s. r. o.
Slavatovská 92, 588 56 Telč
DIČ: CZ25316656
Office – tel./fax: +420 567 243 862
Reception – tel.: +420 774 026 200

GPS: 49°11'12.16“N, 15°26'53.81“E

Web :

e-mail :



Friday 4.5.

  Arrival and accommodation
20.00 welcome participants in the meeting, entertainment

Saturday 5.5.

09.00–09.15 official opening Days of CT
09.15–09.30 payment of membership contributions of foreign participants
09.30–12.00 Membership Meeting of KCHCT
12.15–14.00 lunch
14.00–16.00 Memorial by J.Bierhanzl and other competitions
16.00–18.00 demonstration of grooming and standard analysis
18.00 dinner
20.00 results of the competition, tombola

Sunday 6.5.

8.30–9.00 acceptance dogs on Club Show
9.30 Club show on the award title Club Winner, Memorial by Fr.Horak, declaration Club Championships, Competition child and dog, Best Kennel, Czech Terrier Price
14.00 valuation

Club show judges Jana Dankova (CZ)

Show dues :  400,-Kc for first dog, 350,-kč for other dog (can be paid till day of show), club non - members pays 500,-Kc. Youth class 100,-Kc, honor class, puppy and veteran class are free. Valuation 300,-Kc.

Registration dead line : 13.4.2018, send  BY REGISTERED POST to: Ing.Dana Juricova, Mirova 639/56d, 103 00 Prague 10-Kolovraty , or by E-mail :

Accommodation : Telefonical registration is individual, password is CESKY TERRIER

Veterinary conditions :  vactination pass or Europass with valid hydrophobia and other infection diseases vactination. We recommend to treat dogs from endo and ektoparazites.

Action is organised by :  Rosalie Shanelova, Ochozská 418, 190 16 Prague 9 - Ujezd nad Lesy, tel. : +420 602 956 606,

                 Programme change reserved



The best breeding group: Breeder can sign in at least three dogs and five dogs maximum of one race, coming from own breed, which are from different connections (at least from two different fathers or mothers) and were judged on a dog show. These dogs doesn´t have to be breeder´s property.

Child and dog competition: This competition is an useful preparation of future exhibitors. The demonstration of the dog is judged, therefore the quality of a dog is not a priority. Child can even participate with a dog, which has not been judged on the show.

The Czech Terrier Award: In this competition can participate only breeders with their own breed, and with dogs which are in their property and which have been judged on a show. The award is an appreciation for breeders effort. Judge is being picked among longtime foreign breeders and his position is honorary.

Fr. Horak´s Memorial: There can participate all dogs, which are the property od an exhibitor, who has paid a show fee for at least one dog. The judge picks a dog, who would be the best to match the idea of the breed´s creator, Mr. Frantisek Horak.